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Friday, 04 January 2008
(Trust008) Volition S/T
Volition's album is released on Jan. 1st, This hour of filth has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 1in12 by Bri (Lazarus Blackstar) and contains 8 songs of punishing sick Doom. Ultra heavy downtuned guitars, slow pounding drums, guttural vocals and an excellent dirty, yet crushing production!

(Trust009) Paganus S/T
The album released on January is the full-length album of the Finish band, Paganus (official release date 12.1.07).
4 tracks of vicious extreme Doom metal clocking in at almost 50 minutes! A raw Extreme heaviness filled with crushing riffs, "doomy soundscapes", wicked vocals and lots of negative emotions...

(Trust010) Highgate
The album of Kentucky sick trio Highgate will be out in January 17th. This weapon offers 1 untitled track, but not less then 54 minutes and nasty mix of Hybrid minimalist Doom, experimental noise and grim Black Metal.
Expect for a loud and noisy production and prepare yourself for the worse!

News from Label Totalrust Music:
 Label Introduction:

Totalrust Music is an independent label located in Jerusalem Israel. The label is dedicated to "Extreme music" with a strong focus on "Extreme Doom".

Totalrust Music was formed in 2004. At the beginning, all that we did was to distribute music from other underground labels. But very quickly we started to search for bands that can fit to our vision and to work on our first release that is now known as "Asymmetry"... The first band that has joined our forces was the French Funeral Doom band "Remembrance", not long after we welcomed another two monsters, The Horror Metal band "Wraith Of The Ropes" and the Israeli Doom/Death band "The Knell".

On the 30th of September [2005], we have finally released our first two releases, the extreme Doom compilation "Asymmetry" and Remembrance's debut album "Frail Visions". In Halloween another bomb was thrown. This time the blame was on "Wraith Of The Ropes" and their debut album "Ada", that had caused quite an unusual explosion... We distribute our weapons very strongly, so you can find our titles in many labels and distros out there, just look around!

At this point we are also continuing to distribute many labels here in Israel, and of course to work very hard to make sure that 2006 (and the future in general) will not be less interesting. So stay tuned because this in only the beginning...

Latest Update: 1/1/2006 by Totalrust Music

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