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Friday, 31 March 2006
Dana Duffey



Related Band:MYTHIC


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Although Mythic's career was fleeting they certainly left their mark on the Metal scene. Far from being a typical girl rock group Mythic employed the trademark guttural growls of Dana Duffey with guitars tuned way down making them probably the most well known of all the female Death-Doom Metal acts.
In early 1991, guitarist Dana Duffey contacted the all female band Derketa after seeing them in an underground fanzine to see if they were interested in adding a fourth member. At that time, the Pittsburgh based Derketa had actually broken up, unbeknownst to Dana who was living in Toledo, OH at the time. Dana decided to visit Pittsburgh, PA to meet with the remaining members of Derketa, former Wormhole and Master Mechanic bassist Mary Bielich and drummer Terri Heggen. All seemed to go well so Dana moved to Pittsburgh and the trio began writing music. It was also decided that Dana would be the vocalist and main lyricist for the band. The name Mythic was chosen and the band was officially born.In MYTHIC Dana & Mary went separate directions so that Dana could pursue a darker vision, which turned out to be DEMONIC CHRIST.
DEMONIC CHRIST was formed in 1992 by Dana Duffey (then known as Satania) after the demise of the all female death/doom band Mythic.In the beginning Dana wrote all the music and lyrics for DEMONIC CHRIST using session musicians to record the first demo "Deceiving The Heavens" in 1993. Aragon Amori (RIP) of Profanatica helped out here. Due to the success of the demo, Demonic Christ was offered a CD deal in 1994 by Robert Deathrage of the Meatshits for his new label, Morbid Granny which was to be pressed by and exclusively distributed by Moribund Records. At this time Dana dropped the corpse paint image and the pseudonym Satania due to the increasing trend in the Black Metal scene. By September there was a full line up for the band. Serveral years later Dana got married and had a baby, putting music aside for a while. In the beginning of 1999 Dana got an offer from Dutch label, Cryonics Records to release a second CD. This release is a collection of songs from every demo release by Demonic Christ. Dana took some time away from the scene again to have another baby. After taking personal time it is now essential to breath life back to DEMONIC CHRIST...
Rehearsal Tape 1991 Demo-MYTHIC-1991
The Immortal Realm Demo-MYTHIC-1991
Mourning In The Winter Solstice EP-MYTHIC-1993
Anthology Best of/Compilation-MYTHIC-1998
Relapse Single Series Vol.5 Split-MYTHIC-2005
Deceiving the Heavens Demo-DEMONIC CHRIST-1993
Promo 1995 Demo-DEMONIC CHRIST-1995
Punishment For Ignorance-DEMONIC CHRIST-1995
Promo 1996 Demo-DEMONIC CHRIST-1996
Demonic Battle Metal Best of/Compilation-DEMONIC CHRIST-1999

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